Things You Should Know About Hispanic and Latino Dating

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Three out of four latinos believe that it is easier to find true love with another Latino, and most are more traditional in their customs at the time of the first date.

The study also found that three out of five latinos have considered using an online dating service to find a partner and that 54 percent know someone who has used these services to find true love.

When using these services, the honesty of other users and the veracity of their online profiles are the biggest concern for 53 percent of those surveyed. This concern is more common among women, with 61 percent than among men, 46 percent.

For men, the second most important concern is the cost of the service, while for women, it is the security of the service.

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When it comes to getting advice for finding true love, Latinos trust their family and friends. In fact, notions about family are a fundamental part of the compatibility model of Latinos.

When it comes to judging the effectiveness of advice about love, that trust falls on parents: 67 percent of those surveyed rated the effectiveness of advice received from their parents as high or very high.

The study also revealed that a belief in superstitions when finding a partner is part of the Latino culture. About one in six people surveyed believes in the effectiveness of psychics, spells, potions, charms, or other similar methods to find true love. This seems to leave little room for Latin Dating Sites, yet thousands of Latino guys and girls use these dating websites every day

Men between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely to use these methods. Thirty-nine percent of them have thought about turning to a psychic, shaman or the tarot to find love, and one in three would be willing to use potions, spells, ties or amulets. However, women between 18 and 34 years old are not far behind: 28 percent of those surveyed between those ages have thought about resorting to a psychic, shaman or the tarot.

Fifteen percent of those surveyed know someone who has used potions, spells, ties or amulets to find true love, and 13 percent know someone who has turned to a psychic, shaman, or tarot.

Latinos are also distinguished from English speakers by thinking that men should bring a gift on the first date (36 percentvs 11 percent), they are more open to dating someone who has opposing political opinions (11 percentage points difference), and they are less willing to go out with someone who doesn’t like to dance (18 percentage points difference).